Step 1

Get to know our Fashion Accelerator, Drop Culture.

Have an idea for a product, but not sure where to begin? Drop Culture takes the mystery out of growing your fashion business, and gets you through the process step, by step.

Through business consulting and product development services, Drop Culture will create beautiful product, digital patterns, tech packs, and above all, a plan of action that will take you to the next phase of your business.



Step 2

Product Development

What is Product Development?

From your idea, we create technical sketches, digital patterns, tech packs, and a finalized sample for you to use for photoshoots, fashion shows, showrooms, and buyer meetings.



Step 3

Co-Working Memberships

Make our studio your headquarters.

Our bright and lovely studio in the artistic heart of Spring Arts Philadelphia is the perfect place to escape to when you want to focus on a project. Fully equipped with all the tools and resources you need, we’d love to help you conquer those to-do lists and goals. Our monthly membership rates are designed to get you here and happily powering through your next project. Connect to our community of photographers, stylists, stitchers, and more.