Made to inspire.


Our teachers and sewing gurus are the crème de la crème—artists passing down a living tradition of fine work and practical magic to our growing student body of doers, dabblers and dreamers. 


Rachel Ford
Made Institute


AlexandraDamianoSquarespace Headsot.jpg

Alexandra Damiano
Patternmaking/ Draping Instructor

Damiano Collection


Meredith Sims
Sewing 2 Instructor

Sample Maker


Hailey Bryant
Sewing 1 Instructor


Gabrielle Mandel
Industry Sem. Instructor
Supra Endura
Print Designer-Urban Outfitters


Veronica Marche Jamison
Illustration Instructor

Veronica Marche Illustration


Nikki Headshot.jpg

Nikki McGonigal
Sewing 1 Instructor

Nikki in Stitches


Teresa Percontino
Sewing 1 Instructor

Zoey Squarespace headshot.jpg

Zoey Hudson
Asst. Director/Instructor

Made Institute
Zoey Hudson Designs



Edgar Perdomo
Tailoring Instructor

Master Tailor



Robyn Dombey
Design Studio/

Adobe Instructor


Associates & Staff

Laura Franklin
Admissions Coordinator

Amber Gaynor
Studio Assistant

Meredith Sims
Studio Manager

Laura Franklin
Fashion Show Production

John Ford
Graphic Design/ Brand Identity Design

Yani Aviles
Interior Design/ Brand Consultant