Is Made Institute a real school?- Yes! We are licensed by the PA Dept. of Education. Our curriculum has been scrutinized and approved by the state to ensure our students are getting a quality education.

Does Made Institute offer a degree?- No. While we are licensed as a Privately Licensed School, Made Institute is not accredited. We have found that many of our students are not looking for a degree, but rather an expedited education that will get them closer to their fashion design goals more quickly. Upon completion of the Designer Development Program, students will receive a diploma in addition to launching their collections in our annual fashion shows with Philly Fashion Week.

Does Made Institute offer financial aid?- No. Because we are not accredited, we are not eligible for financial aid. We have tried to keep the tuition as low as possible, while still providing an amazing environment for our teachers, students, and community to learn in. Most of our students take out small personal loans with their banks, family, or pay out of savings. 
We do offer a payment plan which breaks the total tuition into 3 trimester payments, which we hope will make the payments approachable for our students. Ideally we'd like to see you leave Made debt free, and ready to begin your career. See the "Tuition" tab for more details.

What will I gain from taking the Designer Development Program?- Our classes are specifically focused on giving our students a well rounded, technically excellent, and industry relevant education. We specialize in helping aspiring fashion design entrepreneurs launch successful fashion businesses of their own. Through community building, networking events, and one on one mentoring, students will gain access to the competitive fashion world in Philadelphia, NYC, and beyond.
Upon completion of the Designer Development Program students will have professional portfolios, logos, websites, social media platforms, and will show their completed capsule collections in our annual fashion show in partnership with Philly Fashion Week. 

What if I only want to take a beginner sewing or drawing class?- Not interested in taking all of the courses in the Designer Development Program? No problem! Take any of our courses a-la-carte when they're offered. We have all of our classes listed under "Open Classes" so you can pick and choose which classes are most relevant to you.

What if I don't know how to sew or draw?- We actually prefer beginners in all of our level 1 courses. We specialize in getting total beginners to a very high level quickly and painlessly :)

Do I need to bring a sewing machine to class?-No, we provide all the machinery you will need in class. You will need a machine at home for homework. We recommend the Singer Heavy Duty 4411.

How much homework will I have?- This will vary depending on how many classes you're taking at once. If you are enrolled in the program, you can expect 4-6 hrs of homework per week in addition to class time. Remember, practice makes perfect!

How many times per week do we have classes?- Each class we offer is held 1x per week for 6-8 weeks (depending on class). If you are enrolled in the program you can expect to be at the studio 2-3 times per week, totaling 6-9 hrs per week. 

Will I be able to get a job after taking your classes?- Yes! If you excel in our classes, and have great attendance, we can recommend students for jobs in retail, fashion design, graphic design, styling, tailoring, garment construction, and even costume construction.

I have a full time job, can I still make it to my classes?- We offer all of our classes on nights (6:30-9:30pm) and weekends to accommodate most 9-5 work schedules. We do ask you to allow enough time for homework in addition to the in-class hours required.

Do you have parking?- Yes! We have ample free parking behind our building.

What is a membership?- We offer memberships to our graduates and anyone from the design community to use our space and machinery for their continued needs. We understand how expensive studio space and equipment can be. Take advantage of 3 levels of membership depending on your specific needs. Designer Development Program students receive free 24 hr access to our studio while they are enrolled in the program!