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Made Right Here… MADE Manufacturing

Our goal here at MADE is to create an environment in which people can bring their creative ideas to life. We want you to come to class with an idea and leave with something to be proud of. We’re proud and pleased to announce, however, that we’re taking it to the next level by helping new designers manufacture their products. We want them to come to us with an idea and leave with something a lot of people can be proud of.

Four women whom have trained with our founder Rachel Ford have recently manufactured hooded scarves for Wild Mantle, a local start-up company. The journey to this point began a year ago when Rachel started teaching sewing classes to the women of Southeast By Southeast, a support network for refugees from Southeast Asia based in South Philly. Joining forces with the Refugee Women’s Textile Initiative, she taught them all the ins and outs of garment manufacturing, culminating in skills suitable for creating almost any piece of clothing.

We hope to eventually expand to the point where we have a few permanent staff devoted to manufacturing pieces for local independent designers. We’ll be able to produce low minimums for starting designers as well as full product development including pattern making, grading, tech packs, and sample making services.

Wild Mantle founder Avi Loren Fox says she’s “excited to work with MADE because of Rachel’s commitment to revitalizing Philadelphia’s textile manufacturing in a socially conscious fashion.” Wild Mantle will be MADE’s first client, and we couldn’t be more excited. Avi has founded her company based on many of the same principles that we believe in. Materially, a mantle from Wild Mantle is a hooded scarf crafted from sustainable up-cycled sweaters and alpaca wool. Ideologically, though, is “an invitation to live into the epic nature of the everyday life, while also feeling nurtured and supported.” The mantles we’ve been manufacturing symbolize, according to Avi, the epic journey of life - of learning, growing, creating, and building. 

Get your hand made Mantle here!